Johanna Sigurdardottir & The People of Iceland
February 1, 2009
At 1pm EST today, Iceland is swearing in the first ever openly gay world leader. Johanna Sigurdardottir, 66, will take an oath as Prime Minister of Iceland. More Info...

What does it say about America, that as the supposed leader of the free world, we don’t allow gay people the same rights and protection as all other citizens? How could we ever have a gay President if LGBT people are not treated as people?

Contact your state Governor today.:

Suggested Text (copy & paste)

I'm writing to you as part of a demonstration organized by This week, the world's first gay premier will take office in Iceland. This historic event highlights the shortcomings of our country, a country predicated on the principle that all men are created equal. I urge you to work to advance the human rights of all LGBT people through marriage rights, adoption rights, the right to openly serve in the military, safe education, and anti-discrimination legislation so that one day, America might once again stand as an example for freedom, not for the perversion of own Constitution.

Another Citizen for Equality

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