Uncle Tom Obama
June 12, 2009
The Obama Justice Department is defending DOMA in court. This from a “fierce advocate” for GLBT Equality. More like the actions of an Uncle Tom who doesn’t give a shit about honesty or ethics now that he has power. And not much different than the last administration - except at least they were honest that they hated us. More Info...

Contact the White House and see if Uncle Tom is in.

Call: 202-456-1111
Email: www.whitehouse.gov/CONTACT/

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Hey Uncle Tom. If Defending DOMA in court is your idea of being a "fierce advocate" for GLBT rights - than take your self-congratulatory support and shove it up your ass. Don't give me a "happy pride" proclamation one day and then fuck me in court the next.

Remember, your parent's would not have been able to get married if it were not for the Supreme Court. But good job pulling up that ladder so the rest of us can't enjoy the rights that you now enjoy.

Miss California USA Carrie Prejean
April 20, 2009
Miss California is both stupid and ugly. Stupid because in last night’s Miss USA Pageant she stated, "We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite.” Last time I checked, we could only choose same-sex marriage in a handful of states, and in Prejean’s homestate of California, that Constitutionally guaranteed civil right was taken away.

Why ugly? Because H8 is ugly, and Miss Prejean had the chance to be on the right side of history, and chose instead to perpetuate hate by stating on national television that all Americans are not equal.

Note: The PaS authors were present at the show, and ended up in a shouting match with anti-gay supporters of Miss CA after the show, at which point we were assaulted by them. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that the same family that taught Carrie to hate is also a family that believes violence is an acceptable answer when someone disagrees with you.

The Miss CA organization has said they are saddened and disappointed by Prejean’s answer. More Info...

Now the real question - given her status as first runner-up, will she get to wear the Miss USA crown, and with it show the world that the United States is a country where discrimination is acceptable? Not if we have anything to say about it.

Email: MissUPR@missuniverse.com

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As part of a protest organized by PrideandShame.com, I wish to express to you my utter shock and disdain at Miss California’s ignorant answer during the 2009 Miss USA Pageant.

If Miss USA is to represent our country, it is unthinkable that your organization would ever consider letting Carrie Prejean wear the crown. In the USA, all citizens are equal. Just because our Federal Government and certain religions have chosen to institutionalize homophobia and discrimination, it does not make those behaviors any more acceptable.

In the unlikely event that as first runner-up, Carrie takes the title of Miss USA, know that hundreds of thousands of gay men and women in the pageant community and those who believe in equality will hold your organization and your advertisers accountable for perpetuating hate. The Miss Universe Organization would never tolerate a contestant espousing racism or sexism onstage, and you should make a statement condemning Miss Prejean’s comments as definitively as you would a statement on those other issues.

Hate is ugly, and so is Miss California. Do not make the Miss Universe Organization or its advertisers suffer the consequences of her ignorance.

Another Citizen for Equality

Ken Starr
March 5, 2009
UPDATE! Starr will be in court today, arguing to annul the marriages of CA same-sex couples who wed before such unions were prohibited. I'd like to argue for Ken Starr's hatred to be declared illegal. Ken Starr is back. The man who became Nemesis to the Clintons during Whitewater is back in the courts advocating for the interests of the right. This time, he is fighting to have existing CA gay marriages annulled. More Info...

Taking away the civil rights of citizens is inherently UnAmerican. Let's tell him so. Download the attached file and send it to him to tell him what we really think of his politics of hate. Or call his office and quiz him on the lyrics of Stephen Schwartz.

Office: 310-506-4621
Email: Ken.Starr@pepperdine.edu

The United States of America
March 3, 2009
The US Government was sued today by 15 same-sex couples who were denied federal marriage benefits after legally marrying in Massachusetts. This is largely due to the Defense of Marriage Act which prohibits the federal government from extending Federal marriage rights to same-sex couples, despite the state’s ability to legalize such marriages.

The lawsuit is organized by the organization GLAD, who is also the organization who fought successfully to obtain the right of marriage for same-sex couples in 2003. More Info...

Visit the website of Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders and join the fight - get on their mailing list, and DONATE!

Click here for GLAD.: www.glad.org/doma

Rep. Ellen Tauscher
March 3, 2009
Rep. Ellen Tauscher of CA is introducing a bill today in the House that would repeal the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” military policy. This all occurs in light of the government’s recently amended recruitment policy for the armed forces - now illegal immigrants who volunteer their service can be granted citizenship.

An aside - cnsnews.com published a story about this issue a while back that quotes none other than Larry “One if by Mouth, Two if by Ass” Craig saying “Current policy has served us well. I think we ought to sustain it. I see no evidence that it should be repealed.” HA! More Info...

Write to your Representative and tell them to support Rep. Tauscher’s bill to repeal the homophobic policy of our military.

Click here to write to your Rep.: https://writerep.house.gov/writerep/welcome.shtml

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I am writing to you as part of the continued efforts of PrideandShame.com to achieve LGBT equality.

As your constituent and as an American, I urge you to support the recent bill introduced by Rep.Tauscher to repeal the homophobic “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

The time for looking the other way as institutionalized hatred is allowed to fester is ended. Look now, and call it what it is - WRONG. Given that our military forces are so under-staffed that we are now offering amnesty to foreigners who choose to serve, it is reprehensible to allow Americans to serve their country yet force them to conceal their sexual orientation. Repeal this policy.


Another Citizen for Equality