Ted Haggard
January 29, 2009
In November 2006, evangelical leader Ted Haggard was forced out of the Colorado Springs church he had founded after admitting to “sexual immorality” involving a male prostitute named Mike Jones.

HBO is preparing to release a new documentary on Haggard, around which a huge wave of media coverage is converging. Some of this coverage allows Haggard to be a hypocrite and to perpetuate myths about gay identity.

The LA Times today published a telling Q&A with the closet case. Note that the interview came BEFORE a former church member came forward alleging Haggard performed sex-acts and sent dirty txt msgs to him in 2006. More Info...

Haggard says “my therapist says is that I am a heterosexual with issues, and I think that’s accurate”. Haggard’s furtive behavior reflects poorly on all LGBT people because it garners the attention of the press and sends the message that gay people are shameful, dirty people who can’t be trusted. That, and Haggard is a self-hating jerk who, with this interview, sets gay people back miles in our fight to gain the mainstream acceptance we deserve. Send an email to the editors of the Times to ensure they know and ask that they publicize the fact that Haggard’s “issues” with being straight are self-hate and an affinity for fellatio. Shame on him.

Email: Editorial Staff, Letters Desk of the LA Times and Ted Haggard's Website

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As part of a demonstration organized by PrideandShame.com, I must express how utterly ridiculous and offensive Ted Haggard continues to be (see LA Times Q&A of 1/29/09).

Haggard represents the net result of a culture that demonizes LGBT people with religion and narrow mindedness. His statement that he is a “heterosexual with issues” perpetuates the image that gay people can be cured, or are in some way abnormal. We are not. We are loving, caring individuals who have the self-respect and the critical thinking skills to recognize the ignorance of anti-gay belief systems, and live our lives pursuing happiness.

The only thing any of us have in common with Haggard is our sexual attraction and love for people of the same sex. The difference between us is gargantuan - we also love ourselves.


Another Citizen for Equality

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