K-NBC Los Angeles
February 2, 2009
Remember a little while back when the Los Angeles ABC affiliate was taken to task for their homophobia in refusing to run an ad? It’s happened again, and this time, the homophobe has rainbow stripes.

The LA NBC affiliate refused to run an ad featuring gay families produced by GetToKnowUsFirst.org, stating that they did not run advocacy ads during the Super Bowl. However, multiple advocacy ads ran, meaning the exclusion of GTKUF’s ad can only be attributed to anti-gay sentiment. More Info...

Tell NBC this is unacceptable, and that you are calling them on their hateful and discriminatory policies.

Click here to contact NBC on their website.: www.nbclosangeles.com/about_us/

Suggested Email (copy & paste into form)

As part of a demonstration organized by PrideandShame.com, I’m writing to call you to task for your hypocritical and homophobic exclusion of a gay-themed ad during the Super Bowl. It is completely unethical, unfair, and unAmerican for you to exclude the ad from GetToKnowUsFirst.org. I will seek to tell my fellow consumers the truth about your network - that you discriminate against gay people and that you are liars. We will take our viewership elsewhere, and with us, your advertising dollars.


Another Citizen for Equality

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