Mary Francis Berry
January 16, 2009
The former chairwoman of the Committee on Human Rights wrote an op-ed in today’s New York Times that states, “The creation of a new, independent human and civil rights commission could help us determine our next steps in the pursuit of freedom and justice in our society. A number of explosive issues like immigration reform await such a commission, but recommendations for resolving the controversies over the rights of gays, lesbians and transgendered people should be its first order of business.” More Info...

Tell the New York Times you agree with her, and believe the Obama administration should act swiftly and definitively to protect the civil rights of all Americans.


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To the Editor -

I wish to sound my voice as part of a demonstration organized by in support of Mary Francis Berry’s comments in her January 16 Op-Ed piece “Gay but Equal”. Gay and lesbian civil rights are one of the foremost questions by which history will judge our collective commitment to the concept of an America where all people are created equal. Dr. Berry’s assertions that a new commission should be established are revolutionary - that is precisely what is needed to create change in a system that consistently lets its LGBT citizenry down. We cannot allow our government to perpetuate, support, or to stand idly by while our rights are trampled upon. As MLK day is upon us, we must remember that as Dr. King told us, “A right delayed is a right denied.”


Another Citizen for Equality

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