Dean Scontras & The Maine Republican Project
January 20, 2009
Maine State Senator Dennis Damon has introduced a bill that would revise the state’s definition of Marriage to allow “two persons” to marry.

The Maine Republican Project, a political vanity project for Dean Scontras (whose bio contains typos and whose main claim to political fame is a failed bid for the US Congress) has come out in stark opposition to the bill. Scontras is mobilizing the right wing base and trying to raise money to defeat Rep Damon’s efforts to create marriage equality. More Info...

After Prop 8, we cannot afford to be passive about this issue ever again. Let’s use our collective muscle to keep Scontras from gaining a foothold and fill his email with letters of opposition to his misguided agenda of hate.

Email: Click here to email Dean and the leadership of the Maine Republican Project.

Suggested Email (copy & paste into email)

I am writing this email to you as part of an activation created by the online activist group Your organization recently came out in opposition to State of Maine extending the right to marry to all of its citizens, gay or straight.

The movement for marriage equaility was dealt a crushing blow when Prop 8 passed in California. We will not allow such a defeat to happen again.

It is not only offensive and inhuman for you to try and deny citizens their constitutionally promised rights, it is also ridiculous for Dean Scontras to try and gain political capital in his failed political career by polarizing the citizenry with this issue. Mainers are tolerant, moderate people, who will not fall for your tactics, and who see you for what you are - a wanna be.

Stick to alternative energy, Dean. This political effort will have the same results as your others. You will fail.


Another Citizen for Equality

Donate to EqualityMaine to help the fight for LGBT rights in Maine.:

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