Barack Obama & Rick Warren
December 30, 2008
Barack Obama's transition website has just opened up a new chance to submit questions to the President-Elect and his team. This is a tremendous opportunity to speak in an organized, dramatic way about our discontent regarding Rick Warren's participation in the inauguration. More Info...

Cut and paste the bold text below into the input field when prompted to ask your question, or simply search the questions for PrideAndShame and vote for this question. You may have to register, but the process is quick and easy. This activation will only take a minute, but can have a HUGE impact. It's time to demand accountability from the man to whom we've entrusted our future, and to be vocal about how personally we take this affront.

Link to Submit Questions:

Suggested Email Text (copy & paste into email)

As part of the activist group, I want to know how you'd feel if Michelle invited a KKK leader to the White House for inclusiveness? Inviting Rick Warren to your Inauguration is the moral equivalent. How could you do this to me?


Anonymous said...

Yuck. Leave his kids out of this. I'm outraged about Rick Warren, but this is just extremely distasteful.

Pride and Shame said...

Good morning, anonymous coward!

Distasteful is denying an entire population their civil rights. This is an issue that affects us personally, and Obama needs to know how personal this is. The use of Sasha's name effectively conveys that.
Is it outrageous? Yes. That is the nature of political activism.

If you don't like it, feel free to change the post when you put it on Obama's Open For Questions site. If you think we're too radical, go get your own damn blog. The point is DO SOMETHING, don't just make anonymous criticisms of other people trying to create change.