Rep. Jim Splaine
December 29, 2008
State Representative Jim Splaine of New Hampshire has submitted a bill that will transition NH's civil unions into full marriage. He is opposed by a fellow legislator, Rep. David Hess, who is introducing his own bill to ensure that other states gay marriages do not have to be recognized by NH. Thankfully, I don't recognize anyone as a human being who states "Same-sex marriage is contrary to Christian traditions and every religious concept of marriage between a man and a woman. Same-sex marriage is an oxymoron, because one of the primary functions of marriage is procreating." More Info...

Let's tell Rep. Splaine we support him and that he should kick Hess's bigoted bible thumping pro-creating ass. In fact, while we're at it, let's make a couple of pizza orders at Hess's home at 3am, or call his office and ask to speak with Hess and ask him the last time he and his wife tried to pro-create, or if he even still can. I'm guessing no, so perhaps his marriage should be invalidated too.

Rep. Splaine
(the good guy who is fighting for us in even the most remote corner of the country)

Rep. Hess
(the evil guy who hasn't heard of the separation of church and state)
Home Phone: 603-485-9027
Work Phone: 603-801-4790
Capitol Phone: 603-271-2548

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