December 31, 2008
Sony’s Playstaion Online Community “Home” thinks gay is a bad word. They have for months now had filters on online chats and handles that censor offensive words, including the word gay.

Sony has responded to activist complaints by stating “the company is looking into the censoring of words,” but to date has made no definitive action to end the exclusion and demonization of the word gay. More Info...

Sounds like they need a push, and we’re here to give it to them. Send an email to Sony telling them that we will not tolerate their intolerance. Then go save some princess on the Wii.


Suggested Email (copy & paste into email)

Dear Sony,

As part of’s ongoing actions to achieve gay equality, I am writing to you to express my displeasure at your censorship of the word gay in the Playstation online community “home”. I respectfully request that you delay no longer in addressing this issue. Gay is not a dirty word, and your censorship of it sends a message to children that gay is bad and should not be spoken or discussed.

Should you continue in the careless practice of censoring users who utilize non-offensive language, know that we will take our gaming business elsewhere.


Another Citizen for Equality

Call Sony: 800-345-7669

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