Ken Blackwell
January 13, 2009
How would you feel about a leader that feels that gay and lesbian people suffer from a “compulsion” that can be “restrained”?

What about if he were the chair of the RNC? How about a Senator? Or even a Vice-President?

That’s what we’re looking at with emerging GOP heavyweight Ken Blackwell, who is a possible 2010 Senate candidate and is considered one of the GOP’s best prospects for high office. As black republican, the GOP is heralding him as the conservative answer to Barack Obama. Obama he is not - while we have a problem with the Rick Warren choice, at heart Obama understands that gay people can no more restrain their homosexual impulses than straight people can restrain theirs. More Info...

Blackwell’s campaign to be RNC chair is ongoing... but only if he can slog through our emails of disgust to get some real work done!


Suggested Email (copy & paste into email)

Dear Mr. Blackwell -

Your comments this past summer on the Signorile show illustrate your utter ignorance about what it means to be gay or lesbian. Should homosexuals be able to control their impulses, as you state, would we EVER choose to suffer the injustices our culture inflicts upon us, including having to listen to you?

Your comments were completely ignorant, and thus, I have to assume, so are you.

I hope the RNC selects someone else for the chair position, as you do not represent America.


Another Citizen for Equality

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