Stephen Schwartz
December 21, 2008
Stephen Schwartz has chosen to be popular instead of standing up for those who are different. The composer of the Broadway blockbuster WICKED, whose message is one of acceptance for diversity, is hypocritically failing to heed his own advice. Schwartz is allowing Mormon groups the right to use and perform his music, despite their vocal and financially substantial role in passing Prop 8 in California. The catch? Their money, like Elphie, is green, and Stephen doesn't have the moral integrity to speak up and say NO to people who believe LGBT people are less than human. Granted, he makes coffee money on the price these LDS groups are paying compared to his commercial productions, but they are walking advertisements for his shows which are grossing over a million dollars a week in numerous productions worldwide. He should take a stand against haters instead of taking this tainted chump change. I thought musical theater was a haven for gay people, isn't it? Let's keep it from being a haven for Schwartz and his tolerance of hate-mongering. More Info...

Flood his office with emails telling him his message of greed and his support of hatred is one that makes you want to drop a house on him.

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