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Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand
January 23, 2009
Here's what the new junior Senator from NY said about gay people's right to marry... "What I’d like to do legislatively, on the federal level—and I think we’ll be able to do this with the new president—is actually make civil unions legal in all 50 states, make it the law of the land. Because what you want to fundamentally do is protect the rights and privileges of committed couples, so that they can have Medicare benefits, visit in the hospitals, have adoption rights. All [the] things that we give to married couples, committed gay couples should be eligible for."

Isn’t it refreshing to hear from a federal official that gay people should be extended the same rights as straight people in all 50 states? Well, don’t get too excited. Here’s THE REST what she’s said:

"And then the question of whether you call it a marriage or not, what you label it, that can be left to the states to decide. [It’s] so culturally oriented. My mom’s generation, they want their gay friends to have every right and privilege that they should be eligible for as a married couple, but they feel uncomfortable calling it marriage. To them, a marriage is a religious word that they learned from the Catholic Church: It’s a covenant between a man, a woman, and God. So they feel uncomfortable with the word. But they don’t feel uncomfortable with the rights and privileges. I think the way you win this issue is you focus on getting the rights and privileges protected throughout the entire country, and then you do the state-by-state advocacy for having the title."

Marriage is too much to ask for (and don’t even ask her about gun control), but it is one of the more enlightened stances we’ve seen on the issue in a long time, and now she’s your new Senator from New York. Now if we can just get her stance to be reversed on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Gun Registration, Gay Immigration Benefits, and Medicaid for people with HIV, we'd really be in business. What gives? Politicker.com says KG needed to say all of those things to get elected. Isn’t that the reason we hate politicians??? More Info...

Sen. Gillibrand should know that we support her as the choice to be the next US Senator from New York... IF she continues to support us.... and that’s a big if.

Click here to email Senator Gillibrand.: kirstin.gillibrand@mail.house.gov, kirstin_gillibrand@gillebrand.senate.gov

Suggested Email (copy & paste into email)

Dear Senator Gillibrand -

As part of a demonstration created by PrideandShame.com, I want to congratulate you on your appointment to the US Senate. My congratulations to you is tempered by caution for your stance on the issues which very often seems to want to align with those at the ballot box and not with your heart or mind.

Your stance on civil unions is an admirable one, but know that it is not enough. Plessy v. Ferguson taught us all that separate is NOT equal. LGBT people deserve full marriage rights - anything less is Un-American. It has been implied in the press that your stance on gay-partner immigration, funding for those with HIV, and gays in the military was deliberately conservative to woo constituents in NY’s upstate conservative enclave. I want to remind you that now you represent the entire State of New York, and while it makes me shudder to imagine a politician who can change her stance on such moral issues as these simply to play to a constituency, that is what you must do if you are to glean the support of your state.

This is a different game now, Senator. Being a “Blue Dog” will not get you reelected. You must rethink your conservative stance on these issues.

Best of luck in your new term. I hope that in the coming months we’ll be talking about how proud we are of our new Senator, and not how she let our state down.


Another Citizen for Equality


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