James Bopp Jr.
January 9, 2009
The AP today is reporting that supporters of the November Ballot Measure against gay marriage in CA are trying to have records of their campaign donations blocked from public view.

To translate... these bigots want to be able to put a white sheet over their heads while they engage in their campaigns of hate.

James Bopp Jr., the attourney representing the haters, has represented numerous conservative campaigns over the years, including anti-choice advocates and other un-American causes. More Info...

Send Bopp a letter telling him to stop being a hypocrite.

Email: jboppjr@aol.com

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Dear Mr. Bopp -

You should learn the difference between writing a check to support a cause and casting a vote.

Voters already are protected by a white sheet at the voting booth - it is called a curtain. Your hypocrisy in trying to conceal the identity of Prop 8 donors is riduclous, because as stated in today’s AP article, "The problem with their argument, of course, is that campaign finance laws, both at the state and federal level, have been litigated endlessly now since Watergate and the argument has, in one form or another, been rejected,” said Scheer (Executive Director of the First Amendment Coalition).

Proposition 8 supporters used campaign finance records during the campaign to threaten gay rights supporters. Do your research.

This letter is not a threat. It is a politically minded citizen telling you that I believe your position on this issue is both morally and constitutionally wrong. You should be ashamed of yourself, and I am ashamed that you call yourself an American.


Another Citizen for Equality

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